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the winchester Rifling refers to the grooved twists in a gun barrel that imparts spin to a bullet thus stabilizing it and producing more accuracy. The earliest rifled guns were made in the 15th century which would predate Winchester by quite a bit.

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Most people would say it was a musket, but it was actually a bamboo cannon made by the chinese.

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A wooden Musket =]

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The Maxim Gun, was the first machine gun.

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Bb gun

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Q: What was the first gun ever made called?
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it was a 1919 game its called gun or gun(you can not play it)(its to old to play it)

What was the first paintball gun ever made?

Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel, and Bob Gurnsey played the first organized recorded game with people shooting paintballs at each other. There are stories of ranchers and forestry workers shooting them at each other, but none of the stories are verified.

What was the first machine gun ever made?

The first was the gatling gun invented in 1862

Who made the first ever gun?


What was the first ever gun?

i believe the 1st ever gun made was made from cast iron and was dated from the 13-15 century made by the Chinese

What is the first magnum gun ever made?

The .357 Magnum was the first gun to use the term magnum.

What was the first gun made called?


What was the first Nerf gun ever made?

The first Nerf blaster made was called the Blast-A-Ball, released in 1989. It fired Ballistic Balls, featured nowadays in the Buzzsaw and the Reactor. The first dart-firing Nerf gun wasn't released until 1992. It was called the Sharpshooter.

What was the first gun that was made called?


What was Stephen spielbergs first film?

Do you mean STEVEN SPIELBERG? His first ever movie was called "The Last Gun", an 8-minute Western that he made at the age of 12.

What was the first fully operational gun that was ever fired?

Guns first came about in the 13th century from a country called China. It was not until 1818 that the first fully operation gun was ever made and fired. The guns reliability when used in action was not considered reliable but it was the start of the first fully operational guns.

What was the first gun that Browning ever made?

A single shot rifle @ 1824.