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At the beginning of the war the US did... absolutely nothing, refusing to get invovled in Europe's affairs.

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they farted

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Q: What was the first thing US did when they entered the World War 1?
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What country of the Commonwealth entered World War 2 first?

The United Kingdom was the first member of the Commonwealth to enter World War 2.

Who entered World War 2 first the us or great Britain?


When the US entered world war 2 who did they first invade?


When the US entered World War 2 the first invaded?

North Africa (APEX)

What year did the US entered world war 1?

1917 smart

When the US entered world war 2 they first invaded invaded?

North Africa (APEX)

What war did the Allies in world war 2 focus on winning what war after the United States entered?

The war in Europe. This is known as the "Europe First" strategy.

What event was part of the reason of the US entered world war 2?

The bombing of Pearl Harbor was the main thing that started the war

What date US entered World War 1?

The US entered the war on April 6,1917

Why did America entered first world war 2?

Becacause Japan bombed pearl harbor in Hawiia.

When did France and Britain enter the war?

France entered the First World War on the 3rd of August, they saw this as an opportunity for Revenge against Germany for the events that took place in Alsace Lorraine. Britain entered the First World War on the 4th of August, in support of it's Ally, and promise to aid and protect Belgium's Neutral standing in the War.

First war in the world?

America entered the 1st world war in 1917. it waited till this date for many reasons. when Russia signed a peace treaty with Germany because of the former bolshivik revolution, america entered with the allied powers to balance power. it waited till this date also to be the saver of humanity, as it is claimed america entered the war to save humanity from hitler.I n fact it entered the war to apply the wilsonian world order or what is now known as globalisation to be at the top of the world.