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This book might help: "Warlord: Tojo Against the World." By Edwin P. Hoyt, (2001), ISBN 0-8154-1171-5

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Q: What was the height of Hideki Tojo?
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What is Tojo's full name?

Hideki Tojo:))

Who was the leader of Japanese militarism?

Hideki Tojo .

When was Hideki Tojo born?

Hideki Tojo was born on December 30, 1884.

When hideki tojo born?

Hideki tojo was born December 30,1884 in Tokyo

What war did hideki Tojo lead?

Hideki Tojo was Prime Minister of Japan in WW2

What was Hideki Tojo's political?

Hideki tojo's belonged to the right-winged fascist party.

What is Tojo's full name?

Hideki Tojo:))

Did hideki tojo ever apologize?

Hideki Tojo apologized for atrocities he committed before he was hanged.

What did tojo believe in?

Hideki Tojo believed in communism

Where was hideki tojo from World War 2?

General Hideki Tojo was the dictator of Japan during WWII.

Why did hideki tojo look up to hidenori tojo?

his father

How old was Hideki Tojo at death?

Hideki Noda is 42 years old (birthdate: March 7, 1969).