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The Battle of Nashville was the Civil War battle in which Union General George Thomas smashed the remnant of the Confederate Army of Tennessee led by Gen. John Bell Hood. This allowed Gen. Sherman to complete his "March to the Sea" essentially unharried by the Confederate army, and ended the war in the Western Theater. See related link for more information

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December 15-16 1864

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Q: What was the impact of the Battle of Nashville?
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When did Battle of Nashville happen?

Battle of Nashville happened on 1864-12-15.

Where is the Battle Of Nashville Preservation Society Inc in Nashville Tennessee located?

The address of the Battle Of Nashville Preservation Society Inc is: Po Box 190493, Nashville, TN 37219-0493

Where was he battle of Nashville?

In Nashville, Tennessee of course that's a dumb question to ask. Who asks that.

Who were the leaders of the Battle of Nashville?

buddyguy and gerbinderpaul

What are some Civil War words that begin with the letters N-Z?

· Nashville (Tennessee), battle of· Zouave regiment· Nashville (Tennessee), battle of· Zouave regiment

Who won the battle of Nashville in 1864?

The Union Army under General Thomas won the Battle of Nashville.

What has the author Henry Myron Kendall written?

Henry Myron Kendall has written: 'The battles of Franklin and Nashville' -- subject(s): Franklin, Battle of, Franklin, Tenn., 1864, Nashville, Battle of, Nashville, Tenn., 1864 'The battle of Stone River' -- subject(s): Stones River, Battle of, Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1862-1863

Who led the union in the battle in Nashville?

George Thomas

How many soilders die in the nashville battle?


What is a historical event that happened in tennessee?

The Battle of Nashville was a major battle in the Civil War.

How many people died in the south during the nashville battle?

42879 casualties were found after the battle

How many people died during the battle f Nashville?

Federal casualties in the Battle of Nashville totaled 387 killed, 2,562 wounded, and 112 missing. Confederate casualties are difficult to determine. It is estimated that 2,500 Confederates were killed and wounded at Nashville.