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During World War 2, many farm workers were called up for military service which left the agricultural industry short of labour. At the same time, farmers were being urged to produce more and more but they didn't have enough labour to carry it out. Women were then called up, some for military service but many more to work in factories or on the land. The ones who were allocated for agricultural work were given a uniform and were then members of the Women's Land Army.

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They took on the farming that the man who went off to war left behind.

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Q: What was the job of the Womens Land Army during World War 2?
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The Womens Land Army were the women who took up farming jobs because the male labourers were away at war. The farming of the land to provide food for the population was considered on of the most important occupations, right up there with working in factories supplying arms to the Forces, and many of them learned new trades and discovered talents that social stereotyping had denied them.

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During World War 2, most of the men who would normally have been working on farms had been called up and were fighting in the Forces. This left the farms short of workers at a time when food production should have been at its peak to feed the population as imports of food had all but stopped. To counteract this shortage of farm labour, women from all walks of life were encouraged to 'do their bit' and join the Land Army. Most had no knowledge of farming but nevertheless learned how to milk cows and drive tractors etc. They had their own Land Army uniform which was suitable for working on the land.

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