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The advantage the US had over other countries in World War II was its industrial might!

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island hopping, better/more powerful military, and atomic bomb

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High tech weapons,knowledge and experience is the military advantage that the United States has over Japan.

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Q: What was the key advantage that allowed the US to triumph in World War 2?
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Was World War 1 a triumph or tragedy?

* Tragedy.

How is World War 1 responsible for triumph of nationalism in Europe and Africa and Asia?

because it is.

What was the chief result of U.S. participation in World War 1?

After the US joined WWI, the allies had the forces they need to triumph. The axis powers fell and the war ended.

Why was World War 1 blamed on World War 2?

World War I was not blamed on World War II because World War I happened first. Rather, World War II was blamed on World War I, because WWI destroyed the German economy and made Hitler's message of national unity and triumph attractive to the average German.

What did the US do to Europe after World War 2?

They Preceded in Triumph of Germany and Japan World War 2 ended the Great Depression as defecit spending was increased and more jobs were avaible

What has the author Fred James written?

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Was world war ll the first war that allowed women in combat?


What happened in World War 2 that allowed the US to go offensive in the Pacific?

The Japanese attacked Pearl harbor and that allowed US to join World war two and get revenge

During world war 2 france as a country gave the germans the advantage in their defense?

Basically, it was the swiftness of the German advancement, known as blitzkrieg - lightning war.

What foods were you not allowed in world war 2?

spaghetti O's

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World War II