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My father said he and a couple other guys shot the last plane down in Europe. He said it was 3 days after the war was over and a German plane didn't have it's landing gear down when it flew over. To show the war was over all planes would have to fly with their landing gear down. They shot some warning shots and it came back at them and they shot it down. He said it was in the Army paper "Stars and Stipes". I have been trying to find this article or paper to verify and get the story correct for my father passed away a few years ago and he told the story when we were young. If anyone can find the paper I would love to see and read it or obtain acopy of it.

The Last aircraft shot down in WW2 was a Convair B-32 Dominator, shot down in 17th August, two days after the surrender, a group of A6M zeros and Shiden-kais attacked a formation of 2 B-32s on a reconnissence mission, during which one B-32 was critically damaged and made a forced crash-landing in the sea, in this attack participated two japanese Aces including the famous war-hero, Saburo-Sakai. this would be the last confirmed aircraft shot down in WW2.

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Q: What was the last plane shot down in World War 2?
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