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Q: What was the last thing to be rationed during world war 2?
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What is a Sentence using the word rationed?

During World War II many products were rationed, including butter and sugar,Caught in a snowstorm when the car broke down, the family rationed the little food they had with them.

What was the last thing to be rationed in the UK after World War 2?

On the eve of the end of rationing in Britain July 1954 the following were still rationed: *Meat (most kinds) *Most other edible animal products, such as milk, cheese and butter *Chocolate and sweets (candy) *Tea and coffee

When was the last item rationed in UK?

Rationing in the UK lasted from 1939 till 1954. For some reasons bananas stayed rationed for a few months longer that other things. I thought coal rationing lasted until the late 60's Coal was never rationed in the UK, even in World War 2.

How long did rationing last after world war 2?

some items, such as suger, was rationed to about 1947

What was the last thing to come off World War 2 rations?


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Was rubber rationed in World War 2?

Yes. Rubber was a very important war material, for tires and other uses by the military forces. People would take their tires off their cars and line the inside with newspaper to make them last longer.

Who was the last president of America during World War 2?

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What was Germany's last counteroffensive during world war 2?

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