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Q: What was the last thing to come off rationing in 1954?
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Did Britain have rationing during World War 2?

Yes, and the last items didn't come off rationing until 1954 - 9 years after the war ended.

How long did rationing last in England?

WW2 rationing ended in 1954, with the end of the meat ration.

How long did rationing last?

In Britain rationing lasted 14 years. From 1940 to 1954. In Western Germany rationing lasted 15 years.

In which year didworld war 2 rationing formally end?

In the UK, rationing actually got worse at the end of the war but then gradually started to improve although the last items didn't finally come off ration until 1954.

How long did rationing last after world war 2?

some items, such as suger, was rationed to about 1947

What was the last thing to be rationed in the UK after World War 2?

On the eve of the end of rationing in Britain July 1954 the following were still rationed: *Meat (most kinds) *Most other edible animal products, such as milk, cheese and butter *Chocolate and sweets (candy) *Tea and coffee

How long did rationing last during and after world war 2?

Because everything was still in short supply and there was a major shortage of money. As different commodities started to become available, they gradually came off ration. Rationing didn't finally end in the UK until 1954.

When was the last item rationed in UK?

Rationing in the UK lasted from 1939 till 1954. For some reasons bananas stayed rationed for a few months longer that other things. I thought coal rationing lasted until the late 60's Coal was never rationed in the UK, even in World War 2.

How long did the ration book last for and when did it end?

rationing lasted from 1939 to 1955

What was the last thing to come off World War 2 rations?


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