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Luftwaffe= German air force during WWII


So it is essentially Military police

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Q: What was the luftwaffe polizei?
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When did Polizei SV Berlin end?

Polizei SV Berlin ended in 1991.

When was Polizei SV Berlin created?

Polizei SV Berlin was created in 1921.

How do you say where are the police in German?

"Wo ist die Polizei?" "Wo bleibt die Polizei?"

When was Gewerkschaft der Polizei created?

Gewerkschaft der Polizei was created on 1950-09-14.

What actors and actresses appeared in Die Polizei - 1960?

The cast of Die Polizei - 1960 includes: Hans Helmut Dickow as Polizei-Sergeant (Provokateur) Rolf Kreiser as Polizist Herbert Mensching as Gefangener (Adjutant) Rosemarie Reymann as Frau des Polizei-Sergeanten Hans Timerding as General Siegfried Wischnewski as Polizeikommandant

What is the German word for police?


Who or what was luftwaffe?

The Luftwaffe was the German Air Force .

When was Luftwaffe created?

Luftwaffe was created in 1935.

How do you spell Luftwaffe?

The correct spelling is 'luftwaffe'.

When was the German Luftwaffe created?

"Luftwaffe" is a German synonyme for "airforce"... and the today's German airforce is called Luftwaffe, too. The Luftwaffe of Nazi-Germany was founded in 1936.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hitlers Polizei - 2011?

The cast of Hitlers Polizei - 2011 includes: Christopher Browning as himself Serge Klarsfeld as himself

What were the planes of the German air force called?

The German Air Force in WW2 was called the Luftwaffe.