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The Patriots did not really have a fleet of ships...they had to make there own compared to the British who had the ships from England. Brits had supplies and the patriots were always running short of supplies. The patriots were not trained. The Brits were. The Patriots overcame the problems by trying and believing in themselves. I think that if it was not for their generals and leaders that they would not have won the revolution. It was throigh the dumb but persistant persausion and words of the founding fathers like George Washington that they did it and accoplised their victory. I think that it was dumb luck that they won the revolution. However that's my opinion and yours may differ with all due respect, the Brits had the atventage. You know that they had to sail over from engalnd and some went back for supplies and more men so they were used to the seas more so then the Americans.They never really over came it.

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Many people had thought that the mighty British navy would crash the much smaller American fleet. British had failed to use their powerful navy during the war.

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They didn't have a great navy

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Q: What was the main challenge the patriots faced against the british at sea?
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