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Sharecropping developed after the slavery system had been abolished. In exchange for labor, the worker received a portion of the crop to sell and use as he wished. In reality, it was another form of slavery. The landlord deducted the rent from the portion of the crop due to the laborer, which very often left the worker with a bare subsistence living.

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The main effect of the systems of sharecropping and debt peonage was that the African Americans were prevent from leaving the plantation that they were enslaved. The consequence to debt peonage is that the African Americans left the South and migrated to the North and West.

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the termination of the control exerted by white landowners over former slaves.

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Q: What was the main effect of the systems of sharecropping and debt peonage put in place in the South after the Civil War?
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What new systems of labor developed in south after the civil war?


What systems replaced the plantation system in th south?

Sharecropping and Tenant farming were two systems that replaced the plantation system in the south after the Civil War.

How was sharecropping a cause of the Civil War?

sharecropping did not cause the civil war but it happened after when they couldnt have slaves anymore

Where did sharecropping originate from?

after the Civil War

Where did sharecropping originate?

After the Civil War.

What was slave labor replaced by after the civil war?


What did sharecropping and tenant farming have in common during the reconstruction?

Sharecropping and tenant farming both emerged as labor systems in the South after the Civil War and Reconstruction. Both systems involved individuals working on land owned by others in exchange for a share of the crops produced. The laborers in these systems typically faced economic struggles and limited autonomy.

Why was sharecropping important?

Sharecropping was an important method forplantation owners to maintain their control over agriculture in the Civil War Period/Time.Hope that help!

Why did many people turn to sharecropping after the civil war?

Many people turned to sharecropping because they didn't know how to farm their own land.

What was The kind of farming developed in the south at the end of the civil war was?


Where were Sharecropping was a system of farming most common in?

southern states after the civil war

What was the type of farming that many former slaves practiced after the Civil War?