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the main reason was the slavery rights

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Q: What was the main reason the US went into the Civil War?
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How did the cultural differences lead to the civil war?

the north had factories and cities and NO SLAVERY the south had farms and SLAVERY the main reason they went to war is slavery

What was the main duty at the end of the civil war?

The main reason for the Civil war was to bring the nation back together.

What was the nuimber one reason for the civil war?

The main cause of the civil war was a battle over states rights.

What the north's main reason for fighting in the civil war?

to preserve the Union

What were the 2 main reasons civil war was fought?

Well the main reason was to abolish slavery

What was the main reason African Americans fought in the civil war?

To fight for their freedom

If the Civil War was not fought over the issue of slavery what was the main reason for the conflict in the opinion of the North and the South?

The main reason was states rights.

What were the main causes of surrender of the American Civil War?

The main causes of surrender during the American Civil War are the same reason for surrender in any other war,... one side overwhelms the other.

What was the most important reason of the English Civil War?

the most important reason was that harris ashraf went to valentines high school

What went on in the 19th century?

The war of 1812 and the Civil war were two main things. Along with some of the Industrial Revolution.

What was not a reason for the US Civil War?

A reason that is NOT for the Civil War is to get more land.

What happened to the farmers after the war?

After the Civil War, the farmers debt increased. The reason for this is because the crop prices went way too low.