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By far the most common US howitzer was the 105mm split trail (towed piece). The most common SP (Self Propelled gun) was the 155mm SP. There were some SP 175mm, 8 inch SP, and 155mm split trails in use. Unless their tubes were wore out, they were all accurate.

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Q: What was the most accurate howitzer used in Vietnam?
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For the US, since Vietnam, it's the 105mm howitzer.

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AnswerThe British 8-Inch Howitzer fired a round that was 8-in Caliber (or 203mm) and weighed 200-lb.The US Army used an 8-inch Gun and a 240mm Howitzer, which were similar and were actually considered Field Artillery. They had to be assembled to fire. The 240mm Howitzer fired a shell that weighed 360 lbs.Typo-- I don't think there was a British 18-inch Howitzer, except maybe on a navy battleship.

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