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the most dramatic weapon was the airplane

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the u boat

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Q: What was the most dramatic new weapons of world war 1?
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Who benefited the most from the new weapons of world war 1?

Germany did

How did the invention of gunpowder impact the world?

It introduced new weapons.

Which factor most contributed to the huge casualties suffered by the combatants in World War 1?

The development of devastating new weapons technologies.

What new weapons where the deadliest in world war 1?

Chemical weapons and the machine gun

What are the Most important innovations in communication after world war-2?

Radar, the atomic bomb, tanks, bombers, new dogfighting planes, and new weapons

How did new weapons increase the casualties in ww1?

New weapons increased the casualties in ww1 becasue further most we were learning new ways

Why were there new weapons in World War 1?

Because the old weapons become to common and considered to be to predictable

What where the new weapons used in world war 1?


1. What new weapons were used during World War 1?

The new weapons of world war one were machine guns,Tanks,poison gas, and planes og WW1

What were the new weapons that came from World War 1?

germ warfare

Are the new weapons from world war 2 still used?

Some are

New weapons in World War I?

in world war 1 Germany introduced the use of chemical weapons for instance the Mustard Gas artillery shells, theses weapons where mainly used by countries on there side.