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The capture of the island of Okinawa in the summer of 1945 provided the U.S. with a large place to begin the staging of an invasion into Japan.

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Q: What was the name of one of the islands that would be used as a staging area for the possible invasion of japan?
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What did japan win after the invasion of china in 1894?

The Ryuku Islands, Port Arthur, Manchuria, Formosa (Taiwan, and Mongolia

Why did the fighting on Iwo Jima and Okinowa create concern about a mainland Japanese invasion by the Allies?

Because of their physical proximity to Japan they could be used as staging areas for an invasion, and they could be used to launch bombing raids. Obviously the Japanese wanted neither one of these things.

Did the capturing of Iwo Jima and Okinawa open the door to a possible Allied invasion of Japan?


What are the names of the islands in world war 2?

In the Pacific these were the islands:Iwo Jima: Famous for the picture of the six soldier who rose the flag on the mountainGuadalcanal and the Solomon Islands: Prevented Japan from invading AustraliaPhilippines: We controlled the Philippines and MacArthur vowed to take it backOkinawa: Base where launched our B-29's and the A-Bomb. Staging ground for planned mainland invasion of JapanJapan: People who started the warIf there are more, feel free to edit

What contries are in Japan?

japan is a country so it's not possible to have another country inside of it. it is made up of many islands

What was the significance of Okinawa?

It was one of the bloodiest Pacific battles of the war.

What was the largest marine corps unit at the invasion of Normandy?

General MacArthur strategy to defeat Japan would go through the occupied islands held by Japan. The Marines had amphibious training. So it made sense for MacArthur to utilize the Marines to defeat Japan. So the Marines did not have a unit at the invasion of Normandy.

Should America have used the stomis bombs on Japan?

The alternative was to invade Japan with conventional forces. For the US, the bloodiest land battle in the pacific, was Okinawa. An invasion of the Japan Islands themselves, would have been double or triple the casualties.

How did the allies allies attempt to regain control of the pacific?

The Allies attempted to reagin control of the Pacific by using a strategy of island hopping. Basically, they would capture islands of strategic value, dodging arounds those that weren't that important. The Allies adopted General Douglas MacArthur's strategy to reach Japan, which was the capture of the Philippines and then Okinawa, over Nimitz's strategy, the capture of the Marianas and then Formosa. Eventually, the importance of the Marianas as a base for logistical and aerial support was realized, leading to it's capture, and Iwo Jima, which could serve as a base for escort fighters for B-24s, 25s and 29s coming from Saipan (in the Marianas) as well as an airfield for premature landing of planes and a possible staging area for an invasion of Japan, was soon captured by the Allies. From then on, a strategy of heavy Bombing of Japan before an ultimate invasion occurred . This ended with Japan's surrender to the Allies.

How may islands does Japan have?

Japan has approxomently 2,865 islands

How many main islands does japan consist of?

it has 4 Japan has 4 MAIN islands, (Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku) but Japan actually has over 1000 islands. Only around 30 or more of those islands have citizens. Other islands include Okinawa, Bonin islands, and the Ryuku Islands

How many islands make up the archipelago of Japan?

Japan has 6852 islands.