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The Maxim Gun, was the first machine gun.

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2010-03-22 16:54:39
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Q: What was the name of the first machine gun?
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What was the name of the first portable machine gun?

Tommy gun

What country first used the machine gun during ww1?

Britain. Hiram Maxim, who designed the machine gun which bore his name in 1884, first offered use of the machine to Britain.

What was the first single by the commodores?

Machine Gun from the album with the same name.

What is the birth name of Machine Gun Kelly?

Machine Gun Kelly's birth name is Richard Colson Baker.

Where was the first machine gun made?

The first true machine gun was invented by Hiram Maxim in the United Kingdom.

First full automatic gun?

While some would say the Gatling gun was the first,I consider the Maxim machine gun the first true full auto machine gun.

What was the first full auto gun?

the Maxim machinegunMaxim machine gun.

Who invented the first airplane mounted machine gun?

The aircraft mounted machine gun was at first simply a ground machine mounted for a gunner to fire. All sides in WW1 used it. The first successful machine gun fired by a pilot was the Lewis machine gun on a special mounting attached to the top wing, allowing the gun to fire over the propellor.

What was the first machine gun ever made?

The first was the gatling gun invented in 1862

Who invented the heavy machine gun?

Hiram Maxim invented the self-powered machine gun in 1886. This was the first weapon to qualify in modern terms as a machine gun.

What is the name of a machine gun bullet?


When was the first machine gun made?

The stick magazine fed hand cranked gatling gun was probably the first machine gun produced.These were in use around 1875-1880.

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