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During World War II, the name of the major battle that took place in western Egypt in North Africa, and which resulted in a defeat of the Germans by British (and other Allied) forces, was the Battle of El Alamein. Occurring in late October to early November of 1942, this battle (often called the 'Second Battle of El Alamein') resulted in a decisive victory for the Allies, who soon followed it up with a triumphant advance westwards across North Africa.

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Q: What was the name of the major battle in Egypt and North Africa where the Germans were defeated by British?
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The germans were defeated in africa

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were the Germans defeated in a major battle for the first time in the war?

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The Brits and other allied forces repelled and defeated the Nazi Germans. The axis forces had to leave Northern Africa. They defeated the Italians in Abyssinia too. They now knew they could defeat the Nazi Germans in Europe.

What German general was defeated at the battle of EI Alamein in North Africa?

The over all commanding general of the afrika corps was GEN Ervin Rommel but as there was many battles at El Alamien that the British and Germans won and lost the question is confuseing

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Because both Germans and British wanted control of the Suez Canal.

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