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One certain German WWI 42-cm howitzer cannon was famous as Dicke Bertha ("fat Bertha", "big Bertha"). One legend says that the name is after the wife of the owner of Kruppwerke, that produced the piece. Or the name can just originate in the German spelling alphabet, where B is pronounced Bertha.

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One was the Paris Gun or William's Gun. Another was the Big Bertha Howitzer.

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By hurled, I'm assuming you mean lobbed shells to enemy positions. One example is the German 'Big Bertha', a massive gun from ww1

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Q: What was the nickname of the German cannon during World War 1?
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What was the nickname for the German cannon that hurled an 1800 pound shell nine miles during world war 1?

Big bertha

A Nickname of German submrines during world war 1?


What is the nickname of a German cannon that hurled an 1800 pound shell a distance of nine miles named after the wife of Gustav Krupp the German munitions manufacturer?

The nickname of this World War II weapon was "Dicke Berta" in German "Fat Berta," or as Allied soldiers soon came to know it "Big Bertha." Technically, it actually was a mortar, not a cannon.

German nickname for the area between trenches during World War 1?

no man's land

Who was the Desert Fox's adversary during World War 2?

The 'desert fox' in World War 2 was a nickname for the German General Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. His actual nickname was 'Wüstenfuchs' which is the german word for 'Desert Fox'.

What in the world is a flak cannon?

A flak cannon is an anti-aircraft gun, the word 'flak' being derived from the German 'Fliegerabwehrkanone', or 'aircraft defence cannon'.

World war 2 nickname Jerry?

It is the British's nickname for the German is 'Jerry'. In WW1 they used "Hun". Some continued that usage into WW2. The American's nickname for the German is 'kraut'. The German's nickname for the British is 'Tommy', and for the Americans is 'Ami'.

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The other two names for the "Sitzkrieg" (a nickname given by German soldiers during the lull in fighting) are "the Sitting-Down War (translated literally from German) and the Phony War.

What was name of Large heavy gun world war 1 German artillery?

You're probably thinking of "Big Bertha", the German cannon which bombarded Paris from 75 miles away. More formally they were called the "Paris Guns". The "Big Bertha" nickname was from the daughter of Krupp, the German industrialist who built the guns.

What was a jerrie in World War 1?

Jerry was a nickname given to German troops.

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'The Desert Fox' was the nickname given to Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, the commander of the German Afrika Corps during World War 2

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The nickname of US infantryman during World War I was Scuttlantlists in honor of the Scuttlant flyboys in West Virginia.