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In the civil war, the North was called the Union.

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Q: What was the north called in the Civil War?
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Was the south called civil?

No, they were the Confederacy. The North was the Union. The Civil War was called the Civil War because it was a war between two halves of a nation.

What was the war called between the north and the south of the US?

It was called the Civil War.

What is the name us war between north and the south?

The war was called The Civil War.

What is north called in the civil war?

The North is The Union, and the South is the Confederacy.

What was the war called that was between the north and south in the US?

the civil war

In the Civil War was the North called the Union?


What is it called when the north and south fight?

The Civil War

What was the north called during the Civil war?


What was the north called n the civil war?

the union

What were the north called dureing the civil war?

The Union.

What was the north commonly called in the American Civil War?

We called them &^%#$% and *^#%^^& YANKEES!

What were the army of the north called in US Civil War?

The Union