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In the English Civil War of the 1600s the Royalists were also called Cavaliers, and the Parliamentary (and Puritanical) forces were called Roundheads.  There were no Royalists in the US Civil War.

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Q: What was the other name for the royalists in the civil war?
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What is the name of the fight between the royalists and the roundheads?

The civil war

Who started the Civil war Parliamentarians or Royalists?

The Royalists.

What problems did the royalists have in the civil war?

· Tsb

In which war did the Royalists fight the Parliamentarians?

English Civil war

Who were the soldiers in civil war?

Roundheads (Parliamentarians) and Cavaliers (Royalists).

Why was Lincolnshire important at the start of the civil war for the royalists strategy?

because it provided the royalists with iron for manufacturing guns

What two sides fought the English civil war?

parliament and royalists

Did naseby mark the end of the civil war?

It did not end the war but it ended the chance of the royalists winning the war

Who was the English Civil War against?

A civil war is a war between factions in the samecountry.The English Civil war was a war between the royalists(supporters of the king) and parliamentarians(supporters of the parliament).

What parts of the country did the royalists have control of in the first English civil war?


What where the Backers of the English King during the English Civil War known as?


What two sides fought during the English civil war?

parliament and royalists