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The purpose was the 'Final Solution' - death.

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Q: What was the overall theme of the death camps?
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What was the overall reaction of allied soldiers who liberated the concentration of death camps?


Why did they called it concentration camps instead of death camps?

All camps were technically concentration camps, generally the extermination camps were called 'death camps'.

What was he difference between concentration camps and death camps?

Death camps were built to kill prisoners systematically

What was the death toll of the Jewish population?

Roughly 6.2 million Jewish people were murdered overall. In the camps and everywhere else the Nazis conquered.

What is the proper name for death camps?

The term death camps (in the Holocaust) refers mainly to extermination camps. Sometimes the very harshest concentration camps (Grade 3, such as Mauthausen) are also called death camps.

Were there more death camps than concentration camps in World War 2?

Concentration camps were death camps. The people that were scheduled to die were concentrated into areas for easier delivery to the death chambers.

What year did Hitler bring in the death camps?

1933 Concentration camps started in 1933, the Death camps started in 1941.

How many concentration camps are called death camps?

6. The death camps were the ones with gas chambers (or gas vans). The six death camps in Poland were:Auschwitz-BirkenauBelzecChelmnoMajdanekSobiborTreblinkaThe link below should have your answer.

Why did Germans build death camps?

Death camps were a simple way to do mass murders.

What types of camps did Hitler make?

Concentration Camps Extermination Camps Labour Camps Transit Camps Death Camps.

Why were the Jews in the concentration camps not the death camps?

They were in both..

How much death camps did Hitler have?

thousands of camps he had