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8 million

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Q: What was the population before the Irish famine 1845 -1847?
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When was Irish famine?

1845 - 1849

When did the Irish famine stert?


What is the length of the Irish potato famine?

There have been two; The lesser known Irish Famine 1740-1741 & The Great Famine 1845-1852.

When did the Irish famine begin day month and year?

Arguably, the famine began on 13 September 1845 when the first incidence of the Blight was reported in Ireland.

Why did many Irish immigrants come to the US in the 1800s?

Potato Famine in Ireland between 1845 and 1849. About two-fifths of the population was solely reliant on this cheap crop for a number of historical reasons. During the famine, about one million people died and a million more emigrated from Ireland, causing the island's population to fall by between 20% and 25%.

Where did Irish immigrants settle after the potato famine?

Irish people had emigrated from Ireland long before the Famine but from 1845 they emigrated principally to Great Britain, USA, Canada , Australia and in lesser numbers to New Zealand and Argentina

During which years did the Irish Potato Famine take place?

The potato famine lasted 7 years from 1845-1852

Where did most of the Irish immigrants who came to the US following the potato famine of the 1840s?

The Irish immigrated because of the Irish Potato Famine in 1845

When did Irish people immigrate to America because of the potato famine?

From about 1845 to 1852.

What was Irish republic population in 1995?

The estimated population of the Republic of Ireland in 1995 was around 3.6 million people.

What year was the Irish potato Famine in?

The main one was in 1845-1851 but it continued for decades afterwards

Result of Irish potato famine?

The Irish Potato Famine, or 'The Great Hunger' (1845-1852) left around one million Irish people dead and a further million migrated out of Ireland. The Irish population dropped around 25 percent. The lack of British help during the famine was one of the factors leading to the failed Irish Nationalist uprising of 1848, and it severly lessened Irish support for Britian.