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During World War I, the convoy tactic employed by the Triple Alliance (particularly, Great Britain) in the second half of the war was vitally important to their final victory. Until convoying was put into practice, the German submarine campaign was starving Great Britain into surrender; afterwards, the ocean campaign was virtually won, and final victory was rendered possible.

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It was a defense mechanism against German submarine warfare.

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Convoys were used as a means of protecting a group of ships from attack by German u-Boats .

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Q: What was the purpose of convoys?
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What purpose did convoys serve?

Convoys allowed a small number of armed naval vessels to provide security for a large number of freighters.

What convoys were used to?

In World War 1, the use of naval convoys by the British was reinstated. They used convoys to protect cargo ships from German U-Boats.

Who used convoys?

Groups that used convoys include the military and truck drivers. The military is best known for using convoys when they are in war time situations. They will have a long line of trucks and tanks.

What is the plural for convoy?

it is convoys

What is the plural of convoy?


When did Arctic convoys of World War II happen?

Arctic convoys of World War II happened in 1919-08.

Convoys were used to?

Convoys are used for many things. They can be used to deliver goods to areas that are in need. They can also be used in military regions as protection.

How did convoys contribute to the success of the allies?

The convoys contributed to the success of allies by creating a mutual safter by sending warships to protect the merchant ships

What are the release dates for Convoys and Camouflage - 2001?

Convoys and Camouflage - 2001 was released on: USA: 5 May 2001 (Canes Film Festival)

What was the convoy to archangel?

There were a series of PQ convoys to Russia from Britain carrying war materiel, Murmansk convoys. PQ17 was devastated by submarine & air attack.

What was the Nazis goal of the battle of the Atlantic?

Stop American convoys

Speed of World War 2 convoys crossing the north Atlantic?

The speed of the convoys going across the Atlantic depended on the slowest ship in the group. The convoys were further slowed down by traveling in a zigzag pattern to avoid being an easy target for U-boats. The speed of a convoy was seldom more than 15 knots.