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Strike command and control centers throughout South Vietnam and spark a population uprising.

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it was a test for the south vietnamization

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Q: What was the purpose of the TET offensive?
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Massive attack by the Viet Cong in 1968?

That was called the Tet Offensive as it was launched during the Vietnames holy day of Tet.

Was the tet offensive was a major attack in the Korean war?

No , the Tet Offensive was during the Vietnam War .

What is the date of the tet offensive?

The TET offensive commenced on 31 Jan 1968.

What is the name of the offensive that took place during the Vietnamese new year that escalated the Vietnam war?

Tet Offensive

What was the 1968 offensive launched by the North Vietnamese against the South Vietnamese called?

tet offensiveThe 1968 offensive launched by the South Vietnamese was called the Tet offensive. It was called the Tet Offensive because it began in the early morning of 31 January 1968, which is Tết Nguyên Đán, the first day of the year on a traditional lunar calendar and the most significant Vietnamese holiday.

Was the tet offensive the last war between the french and vietnamese?

The Tet Offensive happened in 1968, long after the French withdrew from Indochina. The Tet Offensive was the turning point in the Vietnam War, and was launched against the United States.

Where did the tet offensive occur?


What was the tet offensive about?

The Tet Offensive was a military campaign during the Vietnam War that began on January 31, 1968 by the forces of the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam. The purpose was to displace the invading army presently stationed in South Vietnam and regain control of the country by the Vietnamese.

Why was the Tet Offensive a strategic blow for the US?

the TET offensive was a surprise so america obviously didnt see it coming. america wasnt ready for the attack. this made the TET offensive devastating

Who Offensive turned public opinion against the Vietnam War?

A percentage said My Lai; a percentage said Tet; by far the largest percentage said the DRAFT! Watching My Lai and Tet on television was one thing. Recieving your draft notice in the mail was quite another!

What event of the Vietnam War brought down Johnson's presidency?

The Gulf of Tonkin The Geneva Accords The Tet Offensive

What are the release dates for Declassified - 2004 The Tet Offensive 1-11?

Declassified - 2004 The Tet Offensive 1-11 was released on:USA: 9 March 2006Declassified - 2004 The Tet Offensive - 1.11 was released on:USA: 9 March 2006