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The ultimate goal was development of each mandate toward eventual independence.

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The party manifesto set out the party policy to which the populace could give their support. The governing party could then act with confidence.

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Q: What was the purpose of the mandate system?
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Was the mandate system imperialism in disguise?


What happened to Ottoman territory in the Middle East after World War 1?

It was divided between Britain and France through the mandate system.

Governing without owning the territory?

is a mandate system

What does mandate system mean?

The mandate system of the League of Nations, established by the treaties ending World War I. Under this system, the victors of World War I were given responsibility for governing former German and Ottoman territories as mandates from the League. The ultimate goal was development of each mandate toward eventual independence.

Who colonized Iraq?

Officially, No, but many consider it to be because the power that the British exercised over Iraq during its mandate-period resembles colonization. Iraq was part of the Mandate System and as such, the British expended a great deal of manpower to "modernize" and "control" the country. Officially, however, mandates were not colonies in that a mandate has the future purpose of becoming a realized independent state. A colony does not have such a purpose. The Mandate of Iraq was maintained from 1919 until 1921 when the British transferred authority to King Faisal I. However, the British interfered often with Iraqi policy and maintained boots on the ground until 1954.

What term completes the excerpt from William G mcAdoo?

Mandate system

What were the main powers of the middle east mandate system?

Britain and France were the main powers of the Middle East Mandate System, with the territories coming from areas formerly under Ottoman Control (prior to World War I).

What was the mandate system .and why did it leave many groups feeling betrayed?

Following WWI, the League of Nations established a system of "Mandates." In theory, the Mandate system had the benevolent intention of preparing the "natives" of various regions for self government. In practice, the granting of mandates often represented nothing more than the granting of spoils to the different victorious allied governments. The basis of the mandate system was Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, which gave broad authority to the mandate powers regarding preparation for self-rule.

How might the creation of the mandate system affect the map of Africa after World War 1?

Africa was given orders to give up their land for the govenment, which is a mandate

What is the purpose of a mandate?

A winning party's belief that the majority of the people will support their policies. The legal authority to take action

What is the primary purpose of a minimum data set in healthcare?

mandate all data that must be contained in a health record

Why did the mandate system leave many groups feeling betrayed?

your mom caused it sorry