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Roosevelt and Stalin were the two great appeasers in history. Both were cowards who allowed Hitler to slaughter millions.

AnswerRoosevelt thought he could control Stalin, thought he could trust Stalin, thought Stalin was a man who thought like him and desired the same things as him. Roosevelt was a fool to believe this.

Stalin was a greedy, totalitarian dictator who would take whatever he could from anyone he could. He couldn't believe his luck that Roosevelt treated him so well and took everything he could from the American President, lying to him and ignoring treaties between them and Chuchill to get what he wanted then lying to Roosevelt again to keep what he wanted

As everyone around Roosevelt began to understand what a two-faced, self-serving man Stalin was and counciled Roosevelt to be more stern with him FDR continued in the mistaken belief that he could control and trust Stalin.

FDR's trust in Stalin was one of the greatest mistakes any American President has ever made.

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they were the best of friends and Joseph help president Franklin end the depression and ww2.

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Q: What was the relationship between Roosevelt and Stalin in World War 2?
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Who was the Soviet leader at Yalta?

The Yalta Conference between Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin took place near the end of World War Two to discuss terms for ending the war.

Who were the 3 allied leaders in the World War 2?

Roosevelt - Churchill - Stalin .

Who met with Stalin and Roosevelt in World War 2?

Sir Winston Churchill did.

What was the meeting at which Roosevelt Churchill and Stalin discussed their plans for the postwar world?

That was called the Yalta conference. Roosevelt died shortly after it.

What port city on the Black Sea hoted the conference between Roosevelt Churchill and Stalin in February 1945?

Yalta . In Feb 4-11,1945 Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Spencer Churchill and Josef Stalin met to discuss what shoud happen when World War II finished. Yalta Yalta

Who were the leaders in world war2?

Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

What is the leaders during World War 2 of the allied forces?

Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin

Who were the significant world leaders during World War 11?

Churchill, Hirohito, Hitler, Mussolini, Roosevelt, Stalin.

What were the leaders that ended the war in World War 2?

Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin were the Allied leaders.

Why did president roosevelt accept some of stalin's ideas at the Yalta confrence?

At Yalta Roosevelt misread Stalin. Roosevelt said: "I think that if I give him everything I possibly can and ask for nothing in return, noblesse oblige, he won't try to annex anything and will work with me for a world of democracy and peace."

Which world leaders met at the tehran conference to discuss the invasion of German occupied France?

Answer this question…Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin D. Roosevelt

What were some world leaders that were allies with theordore Roosevelt?

Winston churchill a Churchill was not associated in any way with Teddy Roosevelt!! He was, of course, a close ally of Franklin D Roosevelt, as was Stalin.