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The aim is to wipe out the taliban and give Afghanistan theyre security and make the goverment better.

It is also rumoured that they went to stop them planting popies because they started making drugs out of it

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There is not yet a victor to this battle because it is still being fought. (Operation 'Enduring Freedom' is the op title for the War in Afghanistan).

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Q: What was the result of operation enduring freedom?
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Was a military action in Afghanistan fought almost immediately after 9112001?

Operation Enduring Freedom

Who fought in Operation Enduring Freedom?

The US led Coalition in Operation Enduring Freedom, in Afghanistan, is an ongoing military campaign, that commenced in 2001. And is a direct result of the September 11, 2001 attack.

What is the actual date they changed operation Iraqi freedom to operation enduring freedom?

They're two different things. Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) is obviously the war in Iraq. Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) is the war in Afghanistan.

What is the agerage age of soldiers that served in operation enduring freedom?

What is the average age of soldiers that served in the military during operation enduring freedom

What is the acronym for Operation Iraqi Freedom?

OIF! OEF Operation Enduring Freedom is in Afghanistan.

What was the direct result of operation enduring freedom?

the taliban were removed from power and al qaeda was severly weakened <-- novanet

What is the war the United States is in now called?

Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom

What wars is the US of America involved in now in 2010?

Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom

How many wars is the US involved in toady?

Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)

What does operation enduring freedom mean?

Was all out war on terrorism

Whats the difference between oif and oef?

OIF is Operation Iraqi Freedom. It's for those who deployed to Iraq and the result for this kind of Operation was the fall of Saddam Hussein. OEF is Operation Enduring Freedom and it's for those who deployed to Afghanistan. The ending result was the fall of Osama Bin Laden.

What caused the operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan?

The current military campaign (OEF) started October 2001 as a direct result of 9/11.