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All of the major players in the cold war now had nuclear weapons. The Americans didn't trust the Russians, the Russians didn't trust the Americans. The British trusted nobody . - Believe me it's a wonder we survived it.

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Rivalry between competing blocs of capitalist nations.

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capitalism vs. communism

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Q: What was the root causes of cold war?
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What are causes of cold war?

The Atomic Bomb caused the cold war.

What are the immediate causes of the Vietnam War?

The Cold War. Vietnam was a "hot" battle of the cold war.

What were the causes of the Vietnam war in 1959?

Cold war.

Strategic causes the Vietnam war?

Cold War.

What were the causes of the Cold War?

The A-Bomb.

What are causes of the cold war?

Communism verses the free world.

What is causes of cold war?

self insecure feeling

Did any Americans die during the Cold War?

The cold war was not a war; it was a military stand-off (no war). Americans died to operational causes (accidents).

What where the causes of the war?

Vietnam was part of the COLD WAR. It was fought to stop the spread of communism.

What are one of the underlying reasons for the Mexican War?

Expansionism and Manifest Destiny were root causes of the Mexican American War.

Causes about the cold war?

Theres only one cause; nukes. If there hadn't been atomic weapons, there wouldn't have been a cold war.

What is the discuss the tense hostility in the cold war?

It means you should research what were the causes of the tensions felt by the various sides during the 'cold war'.