What was the sack of Lawrence?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In May 1856 a proslavery grand jury in Kansas charged antislavery leaders of treason, about eight hundred men rode to Lawrence,Kansas to arrest the antislavery leaders but they had fled. The proslavery men were so furious by the fleeing of the antislavery leaders that they looted and set fire to buildings, destroyed presses that were used to print antislavery newspapers, and even killed one man.

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Q: What was the sack of Lawrence?
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What was John Brown retaliating for when he murdered five men in Kansas?

The sack of Lawrence

What was the Site of raid on May 21 1856 by pro-slavery supporters?

The Sack of Lawrence Kansas.

How did John Brown respond to the Sack of Lawrence?

He felt that everyone was black so he didn't like it. (don't use for answers)

Who is Samuel Jones?

Samuel Jones led the "Sack of Lawrence" and burned newspapers, offices, hotels and Charles Robinson's home. He was a pro-slavery (for slavery) sheriff who was shot in Lawrence trying to arrest free-state men.

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