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The Battle of the Java Sea was the only CRUISER FLEET action during WW2; the Battle of the Coral Sea was history's first "Clash of Aircraft Carriers."

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Q: What was the second naval engagement in World War II called?
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What is the term for a sea battle?

Sea Battle, Naval Engagement, Naval battle, Naval Action, Sea Fight, Sea Engagement, Surface Engagement, Surface Action, to name a few.

How many soldiers did the Germans have in the battle of jutland?

None. It was a naval engagement.

How many soilders were killed in the battle of Jutland?

None. It was as naval engagement.

What has the author Elspeth O'Brien written?

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Did the Australian troops fight on the water at Coral Sea?

Troops fight on land. The Battle of the Coral Sea was a naval engagement in which Australian naval and air units participated.

How many union soldiers died at the battle of the monitor and the merrimac?

It was a naval engagement. Few or no soldiers died.

What was the last battle of peloponnesian war?

Aigospotomai - a naval engagement in the Dardanelles 404 BCE.

Where did the faklands war take place?

fakland Islands in 1982. There was a WWI naval engagement off the Falklands.

What are naval academy graduates called?

They are referred to as "Plebes" or officially, Midshipmen 4th class

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