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Q: What was the secret American spy organization during world war 2?
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Is the Illuminati organization a secret society running our world not the elected governments?


Is there a secret organization in control of the world?

YES,,,,its a bunch of squirrels that hang out in trees and make important decisions

What organization was created during World War 1?

League of Nations.

The world's largest organization devoted to the advancement of psychology is the?

American Psychological Association

During the World War 2 what is an SS?

they were German secret agents

Who were the secret police during World War 2?

Gestapo (Germany)

What organization during World War 1 did the US not join?

The League of Nations

Did Stalin have a secret identity?

No, he did not have a secret identity. Code words were used during World War 2 by the army to refer to him secretly, but that is not really a secret identity.

Who was the secret police of Germany during world war2?

The Gestapo (State Police) .

What chemicals were in the special handkerchief during world war 2?

secret ink

Does illuminati make the new people shave their heads?

The Illuminati no longer exist, have not since 1785, so cannot make anyone do anything. Some of the organizations that claim to be the super secret controlling-the-world Illuminati might require new recruits to shave their heads, perhaps to place the super secret organization tattoo on the back of their skulls. How else would any of them otherwise know that someone else is a member of their super secret controlling-the-world organization? Oh, wait, they tell everyone. Ask yourself, "Why would an ultra-covert organization that is bent on controlling the world and everyone in it tell anything about that organization, its members, or secrets related to joining?" I suggest that anyone who is trying to sell you a membership in such an organization (actually asking for money or just trying to get you to believe) has a hidden agenda, and not the super secret controlling-the-world-type of agenda.

What was the underground organization engaged in struggle for liberation during World War 2?

Resistance was the underground organization engaged in struggle for liberation during World War 2. ____ However, each occupied country had its own resistance organization, and often there were rival resistance organizations in one and the same country.