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The Key differences in World War Two Era Weapons and Modern Weapons, is, that WW2 weapons were designed to kill, while Modern firearms are only designed to neutralize, or such.

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Artillery was very important in WW2. It was possibly the most effective weapon in many battles.

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Q: What was the significance of weaponry in World War 2?
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Who had the best weaponry in world war 2?

most people think it was America but in fact it was actually India who had the best weaponry

What weaponry was developed and first used in world war 2?

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What happened in the factorys in World War 2?

Mass production of military equipment and armed weaponry

Was trench an shotguns used in World War 2?

The Winchester M97, the first pump action shotgun, was massively produced for military use in World War 2. They did not use trench warfare in World War 2. It was a mobile war with modern weaponry.

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