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The standard syrettes were 5 per pack and each syrette contained 1.5 cc of morphine.

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Q: What was the standard dose of morphine for a soldier in World War 2?
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When a person is dying what is the usual dose of morphine?

none at all their dying.

Is 0.25 a low dose of morphine?

0.25ml morphine is a low dose.

What is safe daily dose of morphine Ir?

morphine requirement will increase with regular use and safe dose will depend on weight and general health a safe daily dose is nil.

Is it possible that morphine sulfate will not relieve pain for some people?

Yes. Depending on the tolerance of the patient to the effect of morphine, a normal IV dose of 5 mg (or an oral dose of 15 mg) may not relieve the pain. Tolerant people (who have been taking morphine for a long time, and who therefore have become somewhat "immune" to the effects) can require many times the normal, starting dose of morphine for pain relief. Given an adequate dose, however, there is no intrinsic limit to the pain relieving properties of morphine. This is one of the key advantages of this drug, and it is a reason it is still the gold standard for analgesics 160 years after its discovery.

Dose morphine increase or decrease afterload?

Morphine decrease cathecolamines therefore decreases afterload.

What is hydro morphine 6 mg?

You probably meant HYDROMORPHONE, which is a drug very similar to morphine, except it takes less of it to get the same effects as morphine.

Is it safe to take a 5mg dose of morphine with a flexral?

is it safe to take 5 mg dose of morhine with a flexeral

What is a lethal dose of morphine?

120mg in a non-opiate-tolerant user

If you took 200g of morphine would that cause an overdose?

200 grams of morphine would kill anyone who took it. Morphine is usually administered in miligram quantities, example: 6mg of morphine intravenously is a strong dose.

Should you eat before taking morphine?

Some people will feel nausea soon after a dose and some food taken with your dose will ease this. Drink plenty of water with your dosage and continue hydrating while on morphine.

What dose of codeine is equal to 2 mg of morphine?

approximately 200mg codeine for similar effects to 30mg oral morphine (not IV!)

What dose the name miles mean?