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It was a trust created by Rockefeller by buying other companies and giving them small profits.

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The Standard Oil Company was an American oil, marketing, refining, transporting, and producing company. It was founded in 1870 and defunct in 1911. It was founded by John D. Rockefeller.

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Q: What was the standard oil company?
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What company did muckrakers Ida Tarbell write about?

standard oil

John D Rockefeller's oil company?

Standard Oil Company. Standard Oil Company.

Who wrote The History of the Standard Oil Company?

Ida Tarbell wrote The History of The Standard Oil Company

Who was the person responsible for creating standard oil company?

Who was the person responsible for creating standard oil company? Answer this question…

What company was exposed as a monopoly by Ida Tarbell?

standard oil

What companies did john d Rockefeller organize in 1870?

standard oil company of Ohio.

What company did muckraker Ida Tarbell white about?

Ida Tarbell wrote about the Standard Oil Company in her book, "The History of the Standard Oil Company," which exposed the company's business practices and monopolistic tendencies, contributing to the public outcry that led to the breakup of the company.

What did john Rockefeller transport on the railroad?

He transported standard oil from his Standard Oil Company.

What company is the descendent of standard oil company?

Exxon Mobile

Which company had a monopoly in the late 1800s?

Standard Oil Company

What was the name of john d Rockefeller company?

John D Rockefeller was the founder of the standard Oil company. The Standard Oil Company formed by John and was in partnership with his brother William.

What is the ticker symbol for the old standard oil?

CVX. The old Standard Oil company is now Chevron!