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Q: What was the term used for The league of independence formed by ho chi minh?
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What did the Geneva agreements of 1954 decide about the future of Vietnam?

N & S Vietnam were created as one term in the treaty signed between the French and the Communist government in Vietnam. The country was supposed to hold democratic election and reunification itself by 1956; no other countries were allowed to interfere. This did not happen as the US came replacing the French in South Vietnam to stop the spread of communism in the South East Asia, violating the treaty. This led to the Vietnam war later

What is the slang term for a confederate soldier?

The term is "Reb". During the Civil War, confederates were "rebelling" against the US, so rebels were a common term. Johnny Reb was a standard term during that period.

What is another name for the US Civil War?

A War By Any Other Name:The War of Secession. The War of Rebellion. (The term used by Northerners and the US War Department.)The American Civil War.The Freedom War. (Used by Southern Blacks.)Mr. Lincoln's War. (Used by Southerners.)The War to Save the Union. (Used by Northerners.)The War of Northern Agression. (By Southerners.)The War for Southern Independence. (By Southerners.)The War between the North and the South.The War between the Yankees and the Rebels.The Late Unpleasantness and The Lost Cause. (Southern terms.)War between the States. (On the USMC War Memorial by order of the Commandant of the Marine Corps who was from Virginia and who objected to the use of the term Civil War.The Civil War between the United States and the so called Confederate States. (Used by the US Supreme Court.)When proclaiming British Neutrality, Queen Victoria referred to it as "Hostilities between the Government of the United States of America and certain States styling themselves the Confederate States of America".

Is the arms race long or short term cause of ww1?

Long Term

What was Hitlers term for his long-term program for the Jews?

The "Final Solution"

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What was the term for the league for independence formed by ho chi minh?


What were the term of the peace of treaty?

Borders of some European nations changed. The League of Nations was formed.

What is meant by the term minh tuyet?

Minh Tuyet is a Vietnamese American, who is currently a popular pop singer in the music industry. For the Vietnamese communities, she is the best selling pop artist in the world.

What is formed by multuiplying a term in a sequence by fixed number to find the next term?

what term is formed by multiplying a term in a sequence by a fixed number to find the next term

What is the term that means freedom from control by an outside body or government?

Independence, sovereignty

What does the term engrossed mean in the declaration of independence?


What term in the decloration of independence is like the term basic freedoms?

inalienable rights

What is meant by the term independence?

Independence is the state of being independent. A country is independent if it is self governing.

What is the the term used for those Americans who supported independence?

Patriots were the Americans who supported independence.

What is La Liga?

The term la liga is a Spanish term. It translates in the English language to the word league or the league.

Which term best describe how the solar system formed?

Big Bang is the term that describes how the solar system was formed.

What is the Term meaning single cells formed immediately after conception?

The term for single cells formed immediately after conception is "zygote."