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1954-1975, but the U.S. didn't get involved until 1962.

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Q: What was the vietnamese war time span?
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What is the time span of the Civil War?


When did Sino-Vietnamese War happen?

Sino-Vietnamese War happened on 1979-02-17.

Whats the vitmanese war conflict?

The Vietnamese Conflict is another way of saying Vietnamese War.

What was the first Vietnamese war?

The war with the French.

Did Vietnamese have a place in the US?

Are you talking about a North Vietnamese or South Vietnamese EMBASSY? There would have been no such thing as a Vietnamese Embassy during the Vietnam War. There was no country called Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

What happen to the vietnamese people when they lost the Vietnam war?

What happened to the NORTH Vietnamese? Or what happened to the SOUTH Vietnamese people?

What is vietnamese money worth from the Vietnam war?

North Vietnamese money or South Vietnamese money? There were two countries.

What time span is Bonanza Set in?

Post civil war.

What was the outcome of the Vietnamese war?

The North won the war.

Why is John McCain called a hero?

He was a captured and tortured by the Vietnamese during the Vietnamese War.

When did the Vietnamese War end?

The Vietnamese War ended in 1975 when NVA troops entered and captured South Vietnam's capital, Saigon

How were the experiences of Vietnamese civilians during the war?

North Vietnamese or South Vietnamese? Those would be two completely different experiences.