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World War I was fought on two major fronts. The Eastern Front was located in the Middle East and the Western Front was situated in France.

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Q: What was the war front called?
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What were the two front war called in war world war 1?

racdeeem , and jodon,

Why was Britain called home front in world war 2?

any place people lived was a home front

What was the US mainland during World War 2 called?

The Home Front.

What was called a 600 mile battle line during world war 1?

A Front.

What theater of operations had the most KIA in World War 2?

The Russian Front, sometimes called the "Eastern Front" had the most casualties.

Where was the stalemate of World War I?

On the western front, along France's eastern border (it was called the western front because it was on the west of Germany.

Did Germany had to fought a two front-war in Normandy?

The Battle of Normandy wasn't necessarily a "two-front war". However, Normandy was attacked from more than one direction. The two fronts Germany fought were called the Eastern front and the Westarn Front.

What was the war between the British and Dutch in South Africa called?

Simply for it's resources and land (prime sea front view)

How did Russia help the war effort on the western front in World War I?

Russia helped the war effort on the western front in the world war 1 because in the ww1 Russia wanted to save it's allies and austria-hungary were attacking their ally that's why they entered to help their allies in the war. They attacked Germany on their front which is called the eastern front, the Russians were failing because Germans were attacking them but the Russians had many soldiers and weapon to defend their country on their front.

How did the cold war affect the cold war front?

There was no "front" in the Cold War.

The vehicle had the tracks of a tank and the front wheels of of a truck in world war 2?

Called a "half track."

Who used trenches World War 1?

Germany, France, and Russia. They are called the western and eastern front.