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Leaders in the North disagreed about the terms of Reconstruction.

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Q: What was true about the reconstruction?
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Is it true that president Johnson carried out a plan for reconstruction in the south?


What is true african American churches?

they grew quickly during reconstruction

Under President Andrew Johnsons Reconstruction plan, which of the following are true?


What is the true about the end of reconstruction?

It happened as northerners turned to their attention to other issues

Where was the only true enfranchisement of women during the Reconstruction era occurred in?

New york

What was true about nearly all slaves freed from plantations?

They lacked experience in living independently.

What was the biggest Disappointment of Reconstruction.?

it did not make good on the promise of true freedom for freed African Americans.

Was Haye in favor of ending Reconstruction?

President Rutherford Hayes did end Reconstruction of the South. This happened because of the Compromise of 1877 in which an agreement was reached that decided that Hayes would be President if he agreed to end Reconstruction. After the 1876 election, there was a election dispute and the compromise was the response to settle this dispute.

Is this true or false During Reconstruction all adult male former slaves were given the constitutional right to vote and to hold elected office?


True or false World leaders followed a different plan for reconstruction after World War 2 than they did following the first World War?


Lincoln favored a lenient plan for Reconstruction in order to shorten the war by attracting southern support?


An unclassified document may be destroyed by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document?