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It wasnt anna, it was dman320 and the mercs. Dman320 is coming after you for asking this question, he will kamikaze you. OH and joekill is coming too.

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Q: What ways was Santa Anna a typical caudillo?
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In what ways did Juarez differ from Santa Anna?

Juarez-A liberal reformer, Benito Juarez strongly influenced the politics of Mexico. He was complete opposite in background and goals with Santa Anna. Santa Anna-During the 19th century, no one dominated Mexican political life more than him. He played a leading role in Mexico's fight for independence from Spain in 1821. In 1829, he fought against Spain again as the European power tried to regain control of Mexico. In 1833, He became Mexico's president.

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How was Santa Anna remarkable?

He was remarkable in that he kept coming back. I found one web site that described Santa Anna as more unsinkable than a cork. He clashed successfully with Spain, less successfully with Texas, and almost successfully with the United States. During the Civil War he offered his services to Maximilian and was turned down. After Maximilian was removed from power he offered his services to Juarez and was turned down again. Santa Anna was permitted to return from exile and live the last three years of his life in Mexico, where he demanded recompense for service to his country (turned down again). He was a remarkable figure in some ways, and tragic in others. He was a good general, perhaps the best that Mexico ever produced, but this ability as a general was more than once sabotaged by his mammoth ego.