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pikes matchlooks falconet culverin demi calvery flintlock

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Q: What weapons did the cavalry in 1660 have?
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What is a Calvary weapon called?

The type of weapon used by a cavalry depends on the cavalry. Common cavalry weapons include sabres, lances, and in earlier times, bows.

What were the 3 weapons that the cavalry carried into battle?

The three most common weapons used by the Cavalry in Battle were: 1.) Pistols 2.) Sabers 3.) Carbines Hope this helped! :) <3

What old weapons were used in World War 1?

War Clubs, swords, cavalry

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using armour weapons cavalry at war?

its big and heavy but very painfull

What were the weapons of the spanish reconquista?

The weapons used during the Spanish Reconquista were different for the cavalry and infantry. The knights of the cavalry used javelins, thrusting spears, long swords, and the Visigothic axe. The peasants of the infantry used the longbow, composite bow, crossbow, spears, and short swords.

What were two Asyrian weapons?

They used bronze to make their weapons.They had chariots, cavalry, and infantry.Chariots:had a crew of 3driverarchershield bearerCavalry:bowsspearsInfantrybowsspearsswordsslings

What weapons union cavalry soldiers use in the civil war?

muskets IMPROVEMENT Sabres, revolvers, repeating rifles.

What is 5 percent of 1660?

5% of 1,660= 5% * 1660= 0.05 * 1660= 83

What year did conquistadors go to the US?

1660 1660

What is 12245 plus 1660?

12,245 + 1660 = 13, 905.

Who had the best weapons in the Battle of Hasting?

Well Harold Godwinson had the following weapons: shield wall, housecarls and 2 handed axe that could cut a man in half. But William, Duke of Normandy had: bows, arrows, cavalry and horses. William won, so he had the best weapons.

How many meters are in 1660 miles?

1660 metres is 1.031476 miles.