What were German U boats?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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The only thing that was "special" is that they received a lot of publicity; as they were an enemy (or the enemy). Otherwise, they were like most other submarines, whether they were the US Gato class, British, Japanese, Italian, or Russian.

German submarines fought a war of Guerre de Course, that is Germany pursued a war against merchant shipping (Commerce Raiding). Nations that do not have a traditionally strong battle fleet (battleships & cruisers) will, by necessity, have to fight a war of Guerre de Course.

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U Boats were submarines made and used by Germany in the Second World War to blockade the merchant fleet supplying Britain from America.

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Q: What were German U boats?
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What were German you boats?

german U-boats were submarines. in German they are called Unterseeboot

What were German boats known as?

U boats

What did the numbers represent on the German u-boats?

The numbers on German U-Boats represented the model numbers.

What are German U-Boats?

german submarines

When were German U-boats invented?

U boats were invented in 1914 for WW1

What country had U-boats in World War 2?

U-boats were German.

Are Roman numbers used for German U-boats?

No. German U-boats had ordinary, Arabic numerals, such U96 and so.

How many U-Boats are in a German Wolf pack?

3-11 u-boats

What country had U boats?

German submarines were referred to as U-boats during the world wars.

How big are German u boats?

There were over 13 classes of U-Boats; see website: U-Boat

A nickname for group of German subs?

U-boats, packs of German U-boats searching for American ships were called wolf packs

Where were German U-Boats made?