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Disease and starvation.

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Q: What were common causes of death due to overcrowding ghettos in the holocaust?
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How were the Holocaust prisoners stripped of their dignity?

Being stripped of their clothing and shorn of their hair was a common starting point.

What role did Adolf Hitler play in the Holocaust?

He was the Chancellor and leader of Germany and the one who masterminded the Holocaust. Hitler cannot be considered a mastermind, it was done in his name, but the overseeing was done by Himmler and the actual planning was done by people like Eichmann and Heydrich.

What were the living conditions in the Warsaw Ghetto?

When it was first established in 1940 the conditions were deplorable and wretched. As time went on, more and more people were sent there from other parts of Warsaw and the surrounding areas, and conditions rapidly deteriorated. Famine and disease took their toll, as was the intention of the Nazis. Disease enters any area where starvation, overcrowding and indequate santitation are prevelant. Typhoid was the most common and widespread disease.

Did people call there homes flats during the holocaust?

Most people in the Holocaust did not speak English, so no they would not have called them flats, they would have used whatever the term was in their own language. Of course flats existed in the forties, but they were not as common as they are now, but at any rate the translations and texts would have been written closer to the present time, therefore they use language that we use now; hence the use of the word 'flat' do describe an apartment within a larger building.

Why were Jewish people persecuted by Hitler's regime?

Hitler and the Nazis were responsible for what later came to be called the "Holocaust" (a term not in common use when the mass murders were taking place). During the Holocaust, there was mass extermination of Jews (as well as, to a lesser but still important degree, Gypsies, people with disabilities, and political dissenters). This was what Hitler called the "Final Solution," since he believed (and many Germans went along with his belief) that all of Germany's problems should be blamed on the Jews, who only made up perhaps 5% of Germany. Among the places where Jews were murdered were gas chambers and concentration camps. These included Auschwitz-Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Treblinka. Six million Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis: men, women, children, infants--just because they were Jews. While many of us find it is amazing that such a question could be asked today, it is sad to note that in some parts of the world (especially in some Muslim countries), it is typically taught that the Holocaust never happened, even though there is a massive amount of documentation for what the Nazis did. There are also some Americans who persist in believing the Holocaust never happened. Such people are called "Revisionists" or "Holocaust Deniers."

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Where can you find notes about the ghettos?

1. The original meaning was a district where Jews were compelled to live by law. It was first used (in this sense) in Venice around 1600. 2. In the last 50-60 years a new sense - decaying inner city area inhabited mainly by members of ethnic minorities has become more common. During the Holocaust, Jews in Poland and some other Nazi-occupied countries were forced again to live in ghettos. For information on the Nazi ghettos, have a look at the related question.

What did the Japanese and the Holocaust have in common?

'the Japanese' are a people 'the Holocaust' was an event, there are no factors that can be compared.

Type of diseases in Jewish ghettos?

Typhoid was the most common disease in terms of mortality.

What is the most common environmental problem in England?

Overcrowding. Too many people packed into a small country.

What causes the diesese red fin?

Red fin, also known as fin rot, is one of the most common diseases in aquarium fish. It is caused by several different types of bacteria due to unclean water or by fish stress due to overcrowding.

Did the concentration camps contribute the holocaust?

Concentration camps were very common during and before the Holocaust.

What challenges face Istanbul Cairo Tehran and Baghdad?

Overcrowding, lack of jobs, inadequate transportation, and poor housing are common.

What is a Holocaust word that starts with D?

A common word from the holocaust that starts with 'D' is "Death'' or "Die". Jews died in the holocaust because of the Nazis. The holocaust was World War 2.

What was the most common form of murder in the Holocaust?

poison gas.

What was un common diseases for the holocaust?

Malaria was uncommon, if not unheard of.

What did all the ghettos have in common during the holocaust?

All concentration camps were ruthless, they usually gave little mercy if any. The Germans would use gas chambers for quick killings and so they could kill many people at a time.

Is there an adverb for holocaust?

The word "holocaust" is a noun meaning a fire, or Holocaust meaning a genocide in World war II. The adverb form for the common noun would be the ungainly "holocaustally" or "holocaustically."