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Dr. mengele would cut out peoples eyes and try to switch them to see if they still had sight. unfortunately most of them could see

Edit: Mengele did many things to his "patients." Preferring to have fresh corpses, he would have each of his research subjects killed in the same way and then he would dissect them. He would often would inject or drop chemicals into the eyes of his patients in order to create the appearance of blue eyes. This was known to cause temporary, or sometimes permanent, blindness. In order to examine the effects of a disease, one twin would be injected with a disease such as typhus. Once the first twin died, the other would be killed and autopsied so he could see the before and after effects on them. Surgeries were performed on twins with no anesthesia, including organ removals and amputations. As the person above stated, he also interchanged people's eyes to see if they would retain their sight.

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He did many many different kinds.
He injected chemicals into childrens eyes to try and make their eyes change colors.
He injected mosquito's (or the glands of female mosquito's), then after they caught malaria, subjects were treated with different drugs to treat the disease.
He did "freezing experiments", putting people into tubs with ice water...etc.
He would try and treat people with mustard gas (often hurting patient, then treating wounds)
He did different studies to make sea water drinkable, often injecting subjects with only sea water and giving them NO food or actual water.
He did numerous surgeries on children, namely twins, like sewing together twins to make conjoined twins. He also liked to take out reproductive organs, and ALL surgeries back then were done without anesthesia.

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Q: What were different experiments Mengele did?
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Where did Jose f mengele do his experiments at?

Dr. Josef Mengele did his experiments at the Birkenau Extermination Camp, connected to the imfamous Auschwitz Consentration Camp.

Did dr josef mengele become insane with his experiments?


What are the best books about Hitler holocoust aryan race and experiments made by Joseph mengele?

The best book about Hitler, the Holocaust, the Aryan race and experiments made by Joseph Mengele is "Children of the Flames: Dr. Josef Mengele and the Untold Story of the Twins of Auschwitz".

Who was a nazi doctor who performed medical experiments on prisinors?

Josef Mengele

Did dr. mengele do medical experiments on animals?

Dr. Josef Mengele did use animals in his labs as well as Jews and the weaker people of Europe.

Did Dr Mengele lead the Jews to freedom?

Absolutely not. Josef Mengele can hardly be called a doctor - the experiments he performed at Auschwitz were definitely not healing.

What German exsperemented on twins in the holocaust?

Dr Mengele specialised in experiments on twins.

Did josef mengele influence society?

The main groups which were effected by Mengele's Experiments were the Jews , Twins (Mainly Children Twins) and Family's with Physical Abnormalities. He did experiments like trying to die people's eyes and Amputations of Limbs.

Is mengele a Jew?

Josef Mengele was a Bavarian born Physician who committed atrocious, grotesque medical experiments on Jews in concentration camps, but he was not a Jew himself.

Who was the man who was in charge of selections and conducted medical experiments on the Jews?

Dr. Josef Mengele

Who was the Nazi doctor in charge of medical experiments that were often bizarre and sadistic?

Josef Mengele

Who was the doctor with an insane obsession with twins?

Josef Mengele, who conducted inhuman experiments in Auschwitz.