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The children in England who had to be evacuated from the blitz bombing were called "Evacuees". Now to be funny, they were called lads, lassies, kids, children, bonnies.

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Q: What were lots of children in world war 2 called?
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What were children called in world war 2?

It was a weird term but they were called "children"

What were the masks called the children had to wear in world war 2?

They were called Gas Masks

In World War II what was the number of children and people that died and what were the illnesses?

Lots of people died in World War II. Jewish children were often gassed along with their parents. There were lots of illnesses in World War II especially those from exposure to cold, lack of food (bad nutrition), etc. The total estimate of people that died as a result of WWII is 42 million, of which 2 million were children in the European portion. The total for the World is 73 million.

Which war did more people die in World War 1 or World War 2?

world war 2 kid, think about it, Jews, lots and lots of Jews...

What was the name of the children who had to leave their homes called in the world war 2?

evacuees. :)

What was a book they read in World War 2?


What are children sent away during World War 2 called?


What was the announcemnt of World War 2?

Ive seen lots of stuff about ww2 and from what I've gathered there was no official announcement , I guess it's when America joined , it's classed as a world war when every continent is involved in full scale fighting. It was probably called world war 2 after it ended anyway. The first world war was called the great war before world war 2

What were the camps that held Japanese Americans during World War 2 called?

Ones with lots of torture

Which sites have images from 1914?

There is a website actually called 1914 which has lots of images available from 1914. Most of these images have something to do with World War I or The Great War.

What is the identity worn by children world war 2?

identity worn by children in world war 2

How many children were abandoned after World War 2?

about 50,000 children were abandoned after world war 2