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People who were not in the army were called civilian.

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Q: What were people that were not in the army called during the civil war?
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What were Southerners called in the US Civil War by people in the North?

During the US Civil War, the Confederate army which is the southern army, referred to the Union Army's soldiers as yankees or yanks. The Union Army (northern army) referred to the Confederate Army's soldiers as rebels, rebs or Johnny Reb.

During the Civil War did the South have a formal army?

During the Civil War the South's formal army was called the Confederate States Army. It was active from 1861 until 1865.

What was the northern army called during the civil war?

Confederate army was the name. They were also called Rebels too.

During the civil war what was the southern army called?

Army of Northern Virginia or the Army of Tennessee and Northern armies were called the Army of the Potomac and the Army of the Tennessee.

When did people serve to be in the union army side?

during the civil war

How did people get food during the civil war?

It was often difficult to get food during the Civil War. Families sent food to their family members in the Army. Sometimes food and livestock were stolen, or requisitioned by the Army.

What was the Bolshevik army called?

The Bolshevik army was first called the Red Guard in the early days of the October Revolution. During the Russian Civil War, it became known as the Red Army.

Who was Ulysses s grant's army?

Ulysses S. Grant was a general in the U S army , also called the union army during the civil war.

What were the people who fought in the English Civil War called?

Well.. I don't know their real names, but they was always called by their nicknames. The Parliaments army was called the 'Cavaliers'. The people who fought for Cromwell's army were called 'Roundheads'.

What was the process forcing people to join the army during World War I?

The process forcing people to join the army during World War 1 was called conscription

What was the army based in Washington DC during the Civil War?

The Army of the Potomac.

Who were the most important people during the civil war?

Ulysses s. grant (general of union army) Robert e. lee (general of confederate army)