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Corduroy roads, like the fabric.

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i dont think thats right
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Corduroy road

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Q: What were roads with logs across them called?
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Roads in wet swampy areas had logs across them and were known as?


What were the roads called constructed by placing logs together?

Log roads

What were the roads called that were constructed by placing logs close together?

corduroy roads

What were cor-du-roi roads?

Applied in U.S. to a road of logs across swampy ground (1822)

Named after a cloth roads consisting of logs laid side by side were called?

which road connected ohio with the east_

What are squared of logs laid across a road bed called?

What are square d of logs laid across a road bed called?

What was used to make corduroy roads?


What are the corduroy roads?

Corduroy roads are roads that are built with logs or poles placed across swampy or unstable ground. This type of road was used by wheeled vehicles and horses. Cattle and herds of pigs or sheep were not allowed on the road because of spaces between the logs and poles. Sometimes hewed or sawn lumber was used in the corduroy road. Look up some of the books about the old days written by Eric Sloane.

Why are some roads called ferry's?

Roads called "ferry" typically refer to historic roads that used to connect to a ferry crossing water. The name is a remnant of the past when travelers had to take a ferry across a river or body of water to continue their journey.

Why are roads called roads?

Because they are roads.

When roads cut across natural areas this produces habitat?

Building roads across natural areas usually produces habitat loss.

Describe the two roads that the author come across?

the author comes across two diverged roads in which althou