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The question is vague as it asks about the "following" and provides no items to discuss.

However, be that as it may, we can explore what were disadvantages of the South when & during the Civil War. The South's disadvantages were:

A. Smaller pool of men to fuel the army, as the North had a significantly larger population;

B. No formal army existed in the South at the beginning of the war. The North's army was only 16,000 men but it was more than the South's;

C. The South had no manufacturing base to supply arms & ammunition and other products the Union army needed. The South had to play catch -up in creating factories; and

D. The South had no navy to protect its ports, it had to create one quickly but the North already had large shipyards to build warships.

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Q: What were some disadvantages the South had in the beginning of the US Civil War?
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Most of the manufacturing was in the North.

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Because they lost Some examples were that the South relied strongly on slaves to work their plantation and the civil war freed the slaves; they don't have workers to work on plantations anymore. Have to fix a lot of the damage caused by war, etc.

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some of the disadvantages that the south had were that: 1. They relied on the europeans for their supplies while the north had their own 2. The population was 4 times smaller if you dont count the slaves 3. the slaves could not participate in the war but if they did the population would have been much larger 4. They had less factories, mills, and railroads 5. They basically lost the war so that was a disadvantage.

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the south wanted more individual state rights,some wanted slavery,and some wanted to secede.But slavery wasn't the main reason for the civil war

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The Antebellum Period in American history is generally the period between the War of 1812 and the US Civil War. However, some historians date this period to be from the adoption of the Constitution in 1789 until the beginning of the Civil War. The term literally means "before the war".

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