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Some of the people wanted Segregation and others didnt so i would say that the effect segregation gave to society was not the best effect at all.

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Q: What were some effects of segregation on society after World War 2?
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What is the affect on society of racial and religious segregation?

Racial and religious segregation has a negative affect on any society where it exists. Some of the affects are ones listed below. It should be mentioned before the list is read that each of the problems listed affect the entire society, not just the victims of segregation.A. Tension is created among different groups of the society;B. Segregation creates an education problem for the people who are victims of segregation;C. Laws to protect the society become less effective if segregation exists;D. Unemployment problems are intensified in a segregated society;E. Crime problems are intensified in a segregated society;F. Possible contributions to help the society are negated when segregated social groups have less access to education and jobs;Any society which believes that segregating certain racial and religious groups does itself and its victims a great disservice.

What were some negative effects of segregation?

Segregation insulates the rich from the poor and alows the rich to feel better about themselves. the consequenses are always that those that are forcibly segragated are not segregated from doing the hard and dirty menial work for the segregators and for very low pay. It leads to eventual revolution and then the almost inevidable poverty and injustice that come with the formation of once segragated states.

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Some synonyms for the noun 'segregation' are:apartheiddetachmentdisconnectiondiscriminationexclusionisolationseclusionseparationseverance

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I think that it effects us today because some people were raised to not like a certain race and so many just can't change that.

What are some of the effects on society today in Germany or the US and if there are what how does society interact with one another as well?

Today some people treat people like the Jews like crap, rascism and prejudice have had an increase since the prejudices and injustices dealt durind World War Two. -Mcluvins.Buddy......Peach

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