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  • New Radio communications
  • Television - had its start in the war as a screen with a camera
  • Transistors
  • Hundreds of medical equipment, tools and medicines
  • Rockets to the moon,
  • Computers both large and small (calculator size down to the Microchip)
  • Mobile Phones
  • Digital Technology
  • New architecture and energy efficiency
  • Nuclear Arms
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Heart transplants and many other transplants, mechanical hearts
  • Kidney dialysis
  • Tools that run on battery power
  • The list is endless
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Dynamite (1866), commercial typewriter (1867), Telephone (1876), Phonograph (1877), incandescent lamp (1879)

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Q: What were some inventions after the Civil War?
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What were some important inventions in the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln

What were 3 inventions of the civil war?

Three inventions of the Civil War include the Gatling gun, a type of submarine, and the double barrel cannon. Another invention of the Civil War includes ironclad warships.

What were all the inventions in the civil war?

Gatling guns land mines repeating

What were some wacky civil war inventions?

Well, there was the nose-bleed cannon and the duck-killing pistol and the semi-automatic egg catapult...

What were inventions in the south for Civil War?

All of the weapons were taken from the Union. The Gatling gun was invented in the Civil War by a north Carolinian (which was in the confederacy) but was given to the Union

What are four inventions that occuured during the civil war?

Submaries, telograughs, the gatling gun, railroads

What are two inventions that were created around the time of the civil war?

the ironclad warship and the two chinas

What were some inventions of the Revolutionary War?


What are some Aztec war inventions?


What inventions was created during the civil war that we still use today?

Wagons, Barrels, guns, gaterade.

How did new inventions change life in the US in the years after the Civil War?

sorry but your not telling me what I need to know

What inventions revolutionised the civil war?

The civil war was the first modern war. They had repeating rifles, submarines, military ambulances, hot air balloons for spying, barbed wire, flame throwers, just to name the few.